Queen Bee

Mid Michigan Art Guild Show

My Moku Hanga print, Tranquility, was accepted into the MMAG show, Why art? Why Not?. in the Hope Borbas Okemos Library, Okemos, Michgan, Dec. 7 - 31. The judge was Arthur J. Martin, Collections Manager & Assistant Curator at Muskegon Museum of Art.

Owosso High School Print

The 12 students in the advanced art class printed their self portrait blocks yesterday. Each block was approx. 4" square. They were glued down with nori paste to mat board to make a 24" long block. It was a big block!

Using sumi, each student printed their own print of the whole block. They did a great job. Several commented on what hard work it was! It does take some strength to do Moku Hanga prints. (Which is why I lift weights and go to the gym!)

Thanks to this great group of young adults for doing this project with me and to teacher, Marti Liddle-Lameti for asking me to do this.