Winter Thaw

Winter Thaw is another print in the 12 Views of the Shiawassee River series. It was a bright day in late January. We were traveling the back roads near Fenton when we came across this area of the river thawing at a little one lane bridge. The bushes had berries that turned a bright red and they were full of happy birds!

I have been remiss in that I usually just post the print and never the process. I can only say it's because I forget to take pictures. I might take the first couple but then forget to take the rest. So this time I made a point of taking every step. Ok, I missed one........but at least I consciously tried!
Step one:
I laid in the far background.

Step two:
berry bushes

Step 3:
Deepened red on near bushes and added some reflections

Step 4:
Sky and reflected blue

Step 5:
Shadow on ice edges and added trees

Step 6:
Deepened water

Final print:
I added shadow along the river banks and deepened color on trees.

I was rather intimidated to do a winter scene but I really like how it turned out.

River Water

Recently another printmaker suggested using actual water from the Shiawassee in the making of the prints for this series. I don't know why I didn't think of that! It adds a special dimension to the prints.
So, on a very chilly (58 degrees) July morning here in Michigan, we set off to Curwood Castle Park to collect water. I grew up 3 houses from the Castle. This view of the Shiawassee was my view.

We ran the water through our Katadyn filter that we use backpacking.

Now I have a clean gallon of Shiawassee River water to use!