Adagio - A tempo having slow movement; restful, at ease.

The deep snow at the edge of the fields demands that you move slowly and carefully, easing your way, quieting your spirit.
The dried milkweed pods softly rattle in the crisp bursts of wind creating soothing music like wooden wind chimes.
The low winter sun casts lengthy shadows, stretching toward...........spring. 

Ovid Elsie Print Project

Last December I was asked to do a demo of moku hanga for Ovid-Elsie National Arts Honor Society by teacher, Laura Weber.  It's one thing to do a demo but when in a school there has to be homework, right?  I gave the class small shina blocks from McClains Printmaking Supply and had them do a self portrait of their eye.  The worked on them over the holiday break, I picked them up a week ago and gluedd them down on a mat board.  This way they would all have each others work. Yesterday we printed.  A lot of the students had sports practices or drivers ed after school this day so it was a small class.  They all got to print a couple prints so that their classmates would have also one.