New Studio!

New studio space

 I think one of the hardest things about being a parent is that your child grows up.  And they move out.  And they leave an empty space behind that no amount of things can fill.  Your heart is broken, you feel at a loss as to what to do.


On the other hand - they move out and leave an empty space.  What can one do with empty space?  Why take it over and have a bigger studio of course!
This is the 4th re-do that I am aware of.  The upstairs is part of the original 100+ year old farmhouse.  When I came on the scene it was 2 bedrooms.  You had to walk thru one bedroom to get to the other.  The stairway was back where that orange bi-fold door (a bathroom now) is.  There was no heat upstairs at all.
When we inherited the farm about 8 years ago, we set about gutting the entire house right down to the [real] 2 x 4's.  This upstairs room became one room, we moved the stairway to the other side and direction and put in a 1/2 bath.  5 windows facing east, west and south.  Lots of light!  Our son's room.
Fast forward to now.  Move stuff out, fill holes, repaint.  Move studio upstairs.  Enjoy!

carving station at left center

I print standing up at this 8ft. long work bench.  Drawing board is in the back corner.

New to me flatfiles (Craig's List purchase) along stairway