UP Town - Owosso
A Series of Drypoint Prints

This series came about because of a fire. Actually, two fires. Two fires that devastated downtown Owosso. One resulted in the loss of the Lebowsky Center - home of the Owosso Community Players and the other a fire that resulted in the loss of a young man's life. Neither fire has been solved.

I had long planned to do a series on the architecture of the building of Owosso and with these two fires it just seemed time to do it. I already had a catalog of photos I had taken of the upper portions of many of the buildings in town. Some showed features now gone. After the second fire, I spent a few weeks getting the rest of the photos I wanted.

I have 7 prints finished from what will eventually be 20.

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Jacqueline F. Graham said...

BEAUTIFUL prints in your blog, Linda!!! I am new to printmaking and can't figure out for the life of me how you carve or engrave all of those tiny little bricks. Hopefully, one day I will learn. *sigh* For now, I will admire and learn through your site.

Thank you so much for opening a blog! I enjoy my visits here and will come back often! :-)

(((((Warm Hugs)))))
~Jacqui *From the Baren Printmaking list*