Rhythm and Blues

In our travels in the Upper Peninsula this past August, we came upon a rest area. Trust me when I say, if you find one, stop. Not just for the obvious reason but because you never know what else you might find.
We noticed a sign at the far end of the parking area. Usually these signs will have a map of where you are and maybe area attractions. This one though said to follow the trail to the waterfall. A waterfall! Right there! As we were headed to the trail several people were coming back up. We asked them how the waterfall was and they said, "Eh, it's nothing really. Guess it's all right. Thought it would be bigger."
We headed down a very rough trail really not expecting much. The trail was hard to read since it was all rocks and trees. It looped around and over roots and boulders. Finally, the river. The waterfall gently flowed over wide, flat rocks. I could understand the people's comments. It was pretty but not very big.
Our son noticed that the trail seemed to go on. It was a nice day so we decided to hike a bit. About 10 minutes into the hike...........
Well! We found the waterfall! It was HUGE. It went into and around a canyon, dangerous, frothing, loud, breathtaking. It was spectacular! Obviously the people that we had run in to had not come this far. I wanted to run back and grab them and tell them they had missed it. And yet I thought, if you are looking for some quick gawk 'n go before you quickly jump back in your car and move onto the next photo op, go to Disney World.
In doing this print I found myself confused by my own attitude. I love Michigan. I want people to experience the beauty, the serenity, the majesty found in hidden places. And yet, I don't want to tell anyone where this waterfall was. I want to keep it hidden and unspoiled. I don't want it to become just another photo op.
I didn't make a print of the waterfall. This is a small pool at the edge of the river right before the main falls. The water flowed in and over and around the boulder with the rhythm of the river. I want you to see the beauty but for now I am keeping the falls to myself. And I feel sad about that. Sort of!
Hence, Rhythm and Blues


Anonymous said...

I think it is a wonderful print and your story makes it such a personal expression. The people that did not see the falls probably always stop at Mcdonalds and would never search out the wonderful off the path Mom & Pop places. Lucky you.
Donna Randall

Annie B said...

Nice texture & gradations. I like the spots of yellow. And a great story about perseverance.

Sharri said...

Lovely print and I love the title and sympathize with your desire to save all these lovely hidden treasures. Those who seek them will find them.

Carole Baker said...

This is a beautiful print. Congratulations on you prize.