Going to Japan

Many of you know that I had planned to go to the 1st International Moku Hanga Conference in Kyoto, Japan this June. And many of you have asked me if I am still going because of the earthquake, tsunami and radiation.
The short answer is, absolutely!
I have heard from several people living there that they are fine, the area is unaffected and there is nothing to worry about there. The Conference is still going ahead as planned, according to the home office.
One person told me that it would be like deciding not to go to Michigan when the disaster was in California.
I think now more than ever it is right to go. Sometimes, just showing up, even if you don't know the right thing to say, is the right thing to do after a traumatic incident. So, I'm showing up.

A note about donations toward relief efforts....I am making a special print and 100% of purchases will go toward those efforts. Stay tuned for what and how much! And thank you in advance for your support.

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