While at the Moku Hanga Conference in Japan I was able to take a byobu (screen) and chotsugai (paper hinge) workshop given by Yabuta Kashu. 

Byobu's (bee-o-boo) were used in Japanese homes as room dividers where there were not walls and means 'protect [from] wind'.  They are used as pieces of furniture as well as art and their use can temporarily change the size and atmosphere of a room.
They are held together only by paper hinges and glue and can fold in both directions.  There are no nails, metal hinges or screws.  Just paper.  It's pretty magical!
Once home I decided to make my own using a print made especially for the byobu.  I had only made a small 2 piece byobu in the workshop but made this one 3 pieces.  It took several weeks but it came our exactly like I wanted.  The size is 12 x 25" so it won't work as a room divider but fits nicely in front of the fire place.

Blue Moon    
I used 2 blocks of cherry ply.  The challenge was getting all 3 pieces to print evenly and with the same tone and color.


Renee A. Ugrin said...

Linda, these are beautiful. Your Blue Moon is very effective, and such even color! wow!

Annie B said...

Beautiful! How great is it when you can say "it came out exactly like I wanted"? Congratulations.

Andrew Stone said...

Looks great; nice hinges.
Kicking myself for not taking these workshops.
Lovely deep blue.