Artist in Residence - Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park

Welcome to Dan's Cabin
 I have just returned from 2 weeks at Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula where I was the final Artist in Residence of the year.  My husband and I spent the time hiking every day.  My focus was on the old growth & virgin forests and the park's many, many waterfalls.  As part of my residency I gave a program explaining moku hanga and showed examples of prints and my tools.  I also have to, within a year, give a piece of art inspired by my residence to the Friends of the Porkies.
Dan's Cabin

 This is the AiRP home during their residency.  GORGEOUS!  The cabin was a work of love and respect for Dan Urbanski. ( Artist in Residence information page )The art and craft that went in to every piece of the cabin is astonishing.  We were honored to be there.  The little building is, yup, an outhouse.  Composting outhouse to be exact.  That was quite an interesting experience too!
The cabin is a little over 1/4 mile from the trail head and everything, including water, had to be carried up the hill to the cabin.  There was no electricity, no wifi, no cell phone reception.  It was great!  Although bear activity was high, we were not fortunate enough to see one.  Or that could be seen as a good thing, too, I guess!

Lake of the Clouds
 This was the late afternoon view from the Escarpment Trail at Lake of the Clouds. 

Lake Superior Trail campsite
 We were given a backcountry pass for 3 nights and we decided to hike out to the Lake Superior Trail and set up camp between the Little and Big Carp Rivers.  From there we went another couple miles to Shining Cloud Falls and back before settling down for the night.  With perfect weather and our food safely stashed up the bear pole, we slept very soundly.

Presque Isle river
 A view of the Presque Isle river as it flows out to Lake Superior.

Trap Falls
 We spent one day hiking Government Peak Trail to Trap Falls.  It was an oasis!  We found it a perfect place to stop for lunch.

West Vista view on the Overlook Trail
After spending the morning hiking the Union Spring Trail (5 miles) we refueled and after lunch attempted Overlook Trail.  At "only" 2 miles we thought it would be a piece of cake.  That piece of cake took us nearly 5 hours.  Out in these mountains you can't figure how long it will take by miles.  It was quite an accomplishment for this (early) mid life couple but we did it!

The beauty I found in the Porkies was more than I could every have imagined. Michigan never disappoints me.  I cannot wait to see what prints come out of this! work!


susan said...

I really enjoyed reading about your experience at Porcupine State Park. Your year has been awesome for you as an artist.

Kolene said...

What a great place to be an Artist-in-Residence! We've
been there a couple of times and it certainly can be a hike into the cabins. Love the view-Lake in the Clouds. Looking forward to seeing your prints of this beautiful place.

Bette Norcross Wappner -- said...

Such a beautiful setting and opportunity!