Tangled Water at Muskegon Museum of Art

Tangled Water, part of the 12 Views of the Shiawassee River series, was accepted at the 84th Regional Exhibition at the Muskegon Museum of Art. In honor of the Museum's 100th Anniversary, it is the first time the exhibition was open to the whole state. The Exhibition opened May 31 and runs to August 8. There were over 600 entries and about 190 pieces accepted.
Award winners and accepted work can be seen here: Muskegon Museum of Art 84th Regional Exhibition


Jane C said...

Congratulations, Linda! Tangled Water is one of my favorites. Good going!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Good to hear from you and see you are still as productive as ever. Keep up the good work.
Matt :-)

Shelley Whiting said...

A very elegant and serene piece. A beautiful and lovely artwork.