Paths We Travel

I find it so interesting the paths we travel.  It was never even in my thoughts that at some point in my life I would travel to Japan and live at Mt. Fuji.  Never!

So imagine my surprise when I was recently moving and found this watercolor painting I did when I was 16 years old.

And then compare with my recent woodblock print from my Residency at Mt. Fuji this fall.


Annie B said...

Wow. That's amazing. Destiny.

Michèle Ouellet said...

I love your print but your painting was already beautiful.
Thanks for showing this.

Andrew Stone said...

The early watercolor is a nice work.The later print much more austere.
It appears you have become more focused. There is less foreground detail and more emphasis on subject and essence.
Less exuberance, more mature contemplation.

But, there's always that whole LAVA thing when you're talking about volcanos.

acwwoodcuts said...

Beautiful. What a nice view to have and enjoy. We live near the Pyrenees and I never tire of looking at them any time of the year, any weather.

Maria Pinto said...


Linda said...

Thank you everyone for your comments.
I live in the 'flatlands' of mid-Michigan so mountains are new to me! And rather overwhelming!
Andrew, I think that is the best thing that came out of my Residency at Fuji. More focus, less detail.