Ferguson Bayou

We came to Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge in late October hoping to see the migration of the estimated 50,000 waterfowl that are here in fall and spring. We were too late, apparently, this year.
What we did find was an amazing variety of landscape in the refuge. On this trail there were dried up cornfields on our left. We looked to our right and you'd think we were in Louisiana in the sweltering summer! The Ferguson Bayou seems so out of place here. It is every shade of green imaginable. The soil is black and bursting with organic matter. (I would have loved some of this at home in my garden.) If you didn't know where you were, you'd swear the murky, algae covered water was hiding a few alligators just waiting for some unsuspecting animal to wander too close. I'm pretty sure the Michigan equivilant, the snapping turtle, is in there though!

Moku Hanga
6 blocks
9" x 13"
edition of 8

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Mary Brodbeck said...

Good job, Linda. I like the saturation and contrast. Your love of the subject matter really shows!

Mary Brodbeck