Self Portrait with Tree: Tree Hugger

When given the theme of doing a self-portrait with or as a tree, I decided on "with". Previous self portraits that I have done just show my face. This time I wanted to explore an inner self.

Because my prints are based on the land and waterscapes of Michigan and I care deeply about the quality of the Great Lakes and the rivers and streams that feed them, I've had some ask me if I am an environmentalist.

In my mind, an environmentalist is more science based. They know the "whys", the "hows" and the "what needs to be done" of the environment. I would not pretend to know those things and am thankful there are people who do and bring needed attention to the environment's stresses and needs.

Having been a participant in the very first Earth Day I do feel a repsonsibility to my immediate environment. Oh do I hate litter! I cannot understand why people still do it. I am beyond annoyed by people who trash our water systems with everything from empty soda cans to tires and furniture.

"Our ability to percieve quality in nature begins, as in art,
with the pretty.
It expands through successive stages of the beautiful
to values as yet uncaptured by language."

Aldo Leopold

I am an artist. I love what the subject matter that God laid out before me and find my inspiration is never ending. I love the changing of the seasons and the many different landscapes of my state. I love the lakes and rivers and waterfalls. Of couse I want my work to be attractive to the viewer but I am also trying to bring attention to them by showing people what we have and what we stand to lose without respecting it. I love my corner of this world.

So, not an environmentalist - I am a Tree Hugger!

Tree Hugger
6 woodblocks
Edition of 35


Annie B said...

What a great print! Wonderful texture on the tree trunk and the concept is terrific. A very huggable tree.

Carole Baker said...

This is a lovely print. Nice composition and color; I like your take on the theme and enjoyed your discussion of where it came from.