Summer Update

The spring and summer of 2009 have been busy.........busy with family, busy with a BIG garden, busy working and, my favorite, busy camping and kayaking!
In May we celebrated our 25th anniversary. We could have had a party or taken a "trip of a lifetime" but instead we decided to buy ourselves kayaks. (In a state surrounded by water it's the second most common form of transportation.) Now we can take lots of trips. And we can get right in the water instead of just gazing at it from shore.
I'm amazed at how close up we can get to all the wildlife along a river or lake. We have seen herons on their nest with one very big baby! We've seen deer, eagles and hawks. We've seen a multitude of fish and on one excursion we had what we called 'dolphins'. This school of little sunfish jumped along right in front of the kayaks as we made our way across the lake! It was funny and made us feel accepted by the 'locals'!
I paused in my printmaking to just enjoy the outdoors and the water of Michigan for a time. We paddled the Rifle River, the AuSable River, Lake Ovid, Colwell Lake, Lake Fanny Hooe, Indian Lake and El Cajon Bay & Thunder Bay. We spent time in National Forests and State Parks. 10 days were spent in the Upper Peninsula visiting Pictured Rocks, Hiawatha National Forest, Estivant Pines Nature Sanctuary (, a hidden gem called the Devil's Washtub, Brockway Mountain, Copper Harbor and so many waterfalls I can't even remember them all!

As fall approaches I am again appreciative of where I live and how much I have yet to see and experience in Michigan.

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